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As a dispatcher at NTREMS, you will answer calls for emergency interfacility transfers. Our customers are freestanding emergency rooms and micro-hospitals, and 99% of our calls originate with a healthcare facility requesting an immediate transfer of a critical patient. We trust our dispatchers to quickly and reliably obtain accurate information about the patient and determine acuity; our facilities and their physicians trust our dispatchers to rapidly deploy emergency transport teams and provide them with accurate ETA information.  NTREMS dispatchers play a vital role in coordinating emergency transportation for critical patients during their transition from an emergency department to a higher level of care.

  1. Qualifications:
    1. Education: High-school graduate or GED. Successful completion of college-level Medical Terminology Course or equivalent preferred.
  2. Experience:
    1. Minimum experience of one year in customer service, call-taker, or dispatch role. Experience in emergency medical services preferred.
    2. Must successfully complete initial competency-based orientation and recurrent training and skills competencies.
  3. Physical requirements:
    1. Maintains current state of physical and mental wellbeing.
    2. Ability to read and write in English.
    3. Ability to communicate with patients, families, staff, physicians, support agencies, vendors, and others. 
    4. Ability to remain calm during stressful situations.
    5. Ability to verbally communicate via phone/pages/radios.
    6. Ability to evaluate and interpret information and make independent decisions.
    7. Exposure to desk/computer workstation, technology, and environment for extended periods.
  4. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Understands and adequately implements the call-taking, dispatch, posting and radio communications plan as determined by NTREMS protocol.
    2. Allocates resources quickly and efficiently by application of appropriate decision-making rules and approved protocols.
    3. Responsible and accountable for completeness and accuracy of paperwork and documentation in a timely manner.
    4. Responsible for accurate and complete data entry for the shift
    5. Assists in locating scene of incidents and selecting the safest, fastest route to such scene using all available computer-aided tools.
    6. Relays instructions from supervisors, messages and emergency information.
    7. Maintains a current working knowledge of all company policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and memorandums.
    8. Follows established parameters/formats in receiving requests for service.
    9. Responsible for knowledge and use of equipment, including but not limited to the computer, printers, recording devices, telephones, and other equipment as determined by job and managers.
    10. Adhere to all company policies and procedures.
    11. Maintains awareness of all changes in the system components and company policy.
    12. Maintains the level and type of certification(s) consistent with performing tasks in the system to which assigned.
    13. Reports all problems and unusual occurrences immediately to the on-duty supervisor.
    14. Maintains a professional appearance by adhering to hygiene and uniforms standards.
    15. Attends all mandatory in-services.
    16. Other duties as assigned.
  5. Compensation
    1. Employment Type: Full-Time. 12-hour night shifts with rotating weekends.
    2. Pay: $17/hour. 
    3. Benefits offered: Medical insurance is a low-deductible PPO. Additional benefits include dental, life, disability, vision, and 401(k).

At North Texas Regional EMS, we take pride in our reputation as a clinically progressive service in the metroplex. We have a singular focus: to rapidly deliver the highest level of care to our freestanding emergency department and micro-hospital partners. When our facility partners call the NTREMS communications center for an emergency transfer, they know our ambulances come equipped with the latest ICU-level equipment, evidence-based protocols, and medics that are clinically competent and compassionate.

 North Texas Regional EMS is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.

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